"Cambodian Almighty scarf,KRAMA in Kyoto"exhibition (GOOD NATURE STATION -Kyoto)

15th(wed)April~ 6th(wed)May  2020    10:00~20:00 


GOOD NATURE STATION, a complex that focuses on beauty and health, just opened this spring in Kyoto, will hold the Krama exhibition. The venue is KASOKEKI on the 3rd floor, a spacious and comfortable space. Newly and Basic kramas and Cambodian baskets are lined up.
Wakana Morita will be there for several days during the period and will tell you how to wear and use the krama in various way. So please feel free to ask. 
Hopefully that Krama will help you in your daily life in Japan.


Please come with paying  attention to your own health. 



〒600-8022 2Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku, Kawaramachi-dori Shijoshita 2-chome Inaricho 318-6
Contact: 075-352-3712

5days 5hours on April. (HOUSE 1891 -HayamaIsshiki)

5days 5hours on April  2/1-5 12:00-17:00

In April, HOUSE1891 plans to make the "cotton mask" by krama fabric. 
*Open atelier while taking into consideration the hygiene and ventilation of the atelier, but it may be closed depending on the situation. Please come with paying  attention to your own health. 


[ Cafe 1891]<Lunch/Drink/Sweets>

 "Koso Genmai" lunch is available. Highly effective in raising immunity.


[2F Sessions Room]

4/1  Loving Touch / Flower card leading by Miwako Tao

4/2  Holoscope reading  by Yuko Takenaka


Where: HOUSE1891   240-0111 1891Isshiki Hayama-machi,Miura-gun

"Madeina Marcket" (Moriyama-Jinjya/Isshiki-Kaikan -Hayama)

*It has been postponed on Autumn Equinox Day.

20th(fri)March 2020 10:00~16:00(food 11:00~)

"This year's theme is miso"


"krama"knyong's krama take part in this 1day event on Spring Equinox Day.


Where :  Moriyama Shrine/ Isshiki Kaikan Hayama Isshiki,Miuragun 240-0111

"Cambodian Almighty scarf,KRAMA"exhibition (KANKEIMARU LAB -Ishinomaki,Miyagi)

Newly and Basic kramas and Cambodian baskets are lined up.
Wakana Morita in store 13,14,15th.


Please come with paying  attention to your own health. 


Kankei Maru Lab
2-3-14 Central Ishinomaki City #986-0822   tel.0225-25-7081

5days 5hours on March "Spring colors-tailored clothing and jewelry exhibition" (HOUSE 1891 -Hayama)

5days 5hours on march 3/1-5 12:00-17:00

3/1-3 tailored clothing by Yuki Tsushima

3/1-5 24 Section Seasonal Flower Jewelry by SAKURACO 


3/1,2,5  Loving Touch / Flower card leading by Miwako Tao

3/3   Cosmic Number Session by SAKURACO

3/4    horoscope reading  by Yuko Takenaka


[ Cafe 1891]

<Lunch/Drink/Sweets> Sweets by Urimagami/HUG TREE

3/2 is open at night "Hina no Kai"


Where: HOUSE1891   240-0111 1891Isshiki Hayama-machi,Miura-gun

5days 5hours on Feb. (HOUSE 1891 -HayamaIsshiki)

5days 5hours on February  2/1-5 12:00-17:00

newly krama/Sale

[Sessions celebrating the first day of Spring]

2/2,3,4  Loving Touch / Flower card leading by Miwako Tao

2/1,5    New Year's horoscope reading /Year Candle reading by Yuko Takenaka


[ Cafe 1891]


Where: HOUSE1891   240-0111 1891Isshiki Hayama-machi,Miura-gun

"Out of season OPEN HOUSE" (SEE THE SUN -Hayama)

11th Sat  January 2020.  10:00~15:00

A 1day Open HOUSE event belong to the 28th Hayama Art Festival.

Bruce Osborn、Yutaka Kamiyama、 Fukichi Siroi、 Chahut、Kanae Kouno、keiko yamamoto+Hiroshi Ino、”krrama"knyong、、AmigoMarket、 Conaya、 15brewery



810-2 Horiuchi,Hayama,Miura-gun,Kanagawa 240-0112

"fuyu no komamono"exhiition, (Gallery Misugidai -Hannou-city,Saitama)

4th(wed)〜8th(sun)December 2019

11:00-18:00 (8th ~17:00)


"krama"knyong's krama are introduced and sold in this exhibition.


Gallery Misgugidai

3-24-7 Misugidai Hannou-city,Saitama 357-0041   tel/090-6958-7282(Kanari)

"Sakuraco POP UP STORE +July "KIGAKU"WS (HOUSE 1891 -HayamaIsshiki)

During 5days 5hours on December, we hold Sakuraco Pop Up Store+July's "KIGAKU"WS(12/1,2)

◎Beads Accessory -by Sakuraco 1~5th December


◎"KIGAKU"WS(1st,2nd December 13:30-16:30)  -by July


[ Cafe 1891]



HOUSE1891 240-0111 1891Isshiki Hayama-machi,Miura-gun

"krama" knyong's Krama with Makicolle-wine exhibition" (STEAM by tamao yuge -Osaka)

"krama"knyong's krama and Cambodian baskets and tools are introdroduced and sold in this exhibition.

Special collaboration,Makicolle wine are served druing this exhibition by Taniguchi-wine-ten.


◆Wakana Morita "krama"knyong in store all the time.


Closed party 11th Nov, 17:00-20:00

Makicolle wine by Akiko Taniguchi

Yakuzen otsumami by Mariko Kitamura

entrance fee 3000en

8th(fri)〜11th(mon) November 2019  11:00~18:00  


STEAM by tamao yuge  
#530-0038 3-3 Koubai-chou Kita-ku Osaka city