"krama#knyong's,KRAMA"exhibition (GOOD NATURE STATION -Kyoto)

8th(thu)~29th(thu)October  2020    11:00~19:30,(~20:00,on friday,saturday,day before holiday)


GOOD NATURE STATION, a complex that focuses on beauty and health, The Krama exhibition will hold on KASOKEKI on the 3rd floor, a spacious and comfortable space. Newly autumn colored krama and basic krama willl be there.

Wakana Morita in store : 10/8,9,10,11

I will tell you how to wear and use the krama in various way. So please feel free to ask. 



〒600-8022 2Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku, Kawaramachi-dori Shijoshita 2-chome Inaricho 318-6
Contact: 075-352-3712

"Bags,for daily life exhibition" (KOHO herb& Garden -Kokubunji)

2th(fri)〜18th(sun)October 2020



"krama"knyong's krama bag and waterhyacinth baskets are introduced and sold in this exhibition.

Artists/"krama"knyong,somewear/shiro./fabrica uka/Kaori Miyamoto


KoHo Herb&Garden

2-10-15 Minami-machi Kokubunji-city Tokyo 185-0021   tel/042-323-4982 


5days 5hours on Oct "matsurica,he world of aroma scents with RUKUS" (HOUSE 1891 -Hayama)

We hold an exhibition of matsurica,the organic shop in Yoyogiuehara.We will also introduce and sell Jewery brand RUKUS items.1891Cafe and 2F session open 5days.


matsurica  -Hanae Sasamoto

RUKUS by Yasuhiro Tomita


Krama,Cambodian baskets ,select items are also there.


[ Cafe 1891]

<Lunch/Drink/Sweets> KO-So genmai Lunch&Sweets & Drink 

◎Food guest / Aya Mimura, CACONEY,(organic law Chocolate,  HUG TREE(cookies),Williams Gelato


[2F session room}

10/1      kozue Mori

10/2     Yuko Takenaka

10/3,5   Miwako Tao    Loving touch & Reading)  

10/4     Special WS by Hanae Sasamoto-matsurica

            14:00~ 80min   5000en Card & aroma reading with original blend oil 

10/5    1F Rieko Mori


Where: HOUSE1891 by "krama"knyong

 240-0111 1891Isshiki Hayama-machi,Miura-gu


"Cambodian working scarf,krama exhibition" (364 -Nishiogikubo)

12th(sat)〜20th(sun) September2020



"krama"knyong's krama are introduced and sold in this exhibition.

New design krama,regular krama,krama mask,basket,will be there.

Wakana Morita in store.12,13th etc.



3-13-16 Nishiogijkita Tokyo 167-0042   tel/03-5856-8065 


5days 5hours on Sep "TRUNK MArche". (HOUSE 1891 -Hayama)

We hold TRUNK Marche= a garage sale by Hayama friends, in this September.

5days 5hours on Sep 1-5 12:00-17:00


Food guest / Aya Mimura, CACONEY,(organic law Chocolate,  HUG TREE(cookies)


[2F session room}

9/1,2    Miwako Tao    Loving touch & Reading)

9/3      Rieko Mori

9/4      Yuko Takenaka

9/5    Niji -Tomomi Ikawa


[ Cafe 1891]

<Lunch/Drink/Sweets> KO-So genmai Lunch/ Sweets by Caconey/HUG TREE


Where: HOUSE1891   240-0111 1891Isshiki Hayama-machi,Miura-gu

"Daily fabric in Summer" (Gallery Fun -Oiso)


6th(thu)August〜17th(mon)August 2020
12:00~18:00  close:Wednesday

Gallery Fu    
2-17-8 ko-rai oiso-machi kanagawa-pref  #255-0001 


5days 5hours on August special:"STEAM!! Summer vacation in Hayama" (HOUSE 1891 -Hayama)

We hold an Atelier Order gathering with STEAM by tamaoyuge .Open 5days with cafe and lunch sweets.

5days 5hours on August 1-5 12:00-17:00


STEAM by tamao yuge


Food guest / CACONEY,(organic law Chocolate, Bon Chiffon(chiffon cake), HUG TREE(cookies)


[2F session room}

8/1   Miho's Tarot reading

8/3   Horoscope reading  by Yuko Takenaka

8/4,5 Uniomisty Oil / Flower card reading by Miwako Tao


[ Cafe 1891]

<Lunch/Drink/Sweets> KO-So genmai Lunch/ Sweets by Caconey/HUG TREE


Where: HOUSE1891   240-0111 1891Isshiki Hayama-machi,Miura-gu

5days 5hours on July.special:"Hayama's Summer Exhibition of 3 artist, FUTATABI" (HOUSE 1891 -Hayama)

We hold a collabolated exhibition with 3 artists :aoao dress,asatte,emi kubota.Open 5days with cafe and lunch.

5days 5hours on July 7/1-5 12:00-17:00


aoao dress


emi kubota


◎Food guest / DOMA cafe,CACONEY,HUG TREE


7/2,3,4  Uniomisty card reading by Miwako Tao

7/1   Horoscope reading  by Yuko Takenaka


[ Cafe 1891]

<Lunch/Drink/Sweets> KO-So genmai Lunch/ Sweets by Caconey/HUG TREE


Where: HOUSE1891   240-0111 1891Isshiki Hayama-machi,Miura-gun

5days 5hours on June. (HOUSE 1891 -Hayama)

We open our atelier,exhibit krama and Cambodian tools.


[2F Online Sessions By Miwako Tao]

6/1,5  Uniomisty Card reading

6/3  "Zoom de Hart Meditation" 2h 5000en 


[ Cafe 1891]

<Lunch/Drink/Sweets> Cafe open 5days,Lunch and drink,HUG TREE's cookies avairable.

Where: HOUSE1891   240-0111 1891Isshiki Hayama-machi,Miura-gun

Notice of reopening of store operations.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, the store and gallery of "krama"knyong in Hayama, which was temporarily closed from the beginning of April, will resume operations sequentially while taking measures to prevent infection.


When resuming business, we have a few requests.


◎ Please come to the store as much as possible without paying attention to your health.
◎ Please refrain from visiting customers who are not feeling well or who have a fever.
◎ Thank you for visiting our store wearing a mask.
◎ Since a disinfectant is installed at the entrance, please disinfect your hands as appropriate.
◎ When entering HOIUSE1891, shoes are prohibited.We have slippers, so please change your shoes.

Reservations are also accepted for visits and enzymatic brown rice lunches.


We will also give thorough consideration to ventilation and hygiene in the store, thoroughly wash our hands and wear masks.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
◎ A Krama shop [901venue] is a small shop along the seafront street. Open weekends only,will resume slowly from Friday, May 22nd.

OPEN Every weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 3 days 11:30~17:00.

901venue by “krama” knyong
901 Horiuchi, Hayama Town, Miura District, Kanagawa,#240-0112
◎ The atelier gallery [HOUSE 1891] is scheduled to open "5days 5hours" In June.
Krama and Krama Mask for summer,Cambodian tools, enzyme brown rice lunch and cafe will be available.

OPEN 1st-5th of every month 12:00~17:00.

HOUSE1891 by “krama” knyong
1891 Isshiki, Hayama-cho, Miura-gun,Kanagawa,#240-0111