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Feel Cambodia ~Krama with Herb exhibition (koh-san no uchi-Matsumoto,Nagano)

More than 200 pcs of "krama"knyong's new and basic krama and Cambodian baskets are introduced and sold in this exhibition.


Fine organic resorce Cambodian Lunch and drink(with alcohol) avairable all the time!


Wakana Morita in store  on 19th,20th,21th.


When : 19th(thu)〜27th(fri) September 2019  11:00〜17:00

close : 22,23rd


Special event[Herb Night] hold on 20th! open 11:00-21:00


Where:「Koh-san no uchi」

4499-1 Shimauchi Matsumoto-city,Nagano #390-0851

tel. 0263-88-5365


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