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5days 5hours October "STEAM by TamaoYuge Bag+Eriko Iga Arita Ware paintingWS" (HOUSE1891 )


During 5days 5hours October,

we hold a event 

STEAM by TamaoYuge Bag Order/exhibition

+Eriko Iga Arita Ware paintingWS at the same time.


10/1-5 "STEAM by TamaoYuge Bag exhibition. Order accept.


10/1,2  Eriko Iga Arita Ware paintingWS (am/pm)


Cafe 1891 open all day.

Lunch and drink and sweets(by Bon chiffon) available!


When : 1st -5th October 2019 10:30-17:00

Where :  HOUSE1891 (Hayama Isshiki)




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