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5days 5hours on April. (HOUSE 1891 -HayamaIsshiki)

5days 5hours on April  2/1-5 12:00-17:00

In April, HOUSE1891 plans to make the "cotton mask" by krama fabric. 
*Open atelier while taking into consideration the hygiene and ventilation of the atelier, but it may be closed depending on the situation. Please come with paying  attention to your own health. 


[ Cafe 1891]<Lunch/Drink/Sweets>

 "Koso Genmai" lunch is available. Highly effective in raising immunity.


[2F Sessions Room]

4/1  Loving Touch / Flower card leading by Miwako Tao

4/2  Holoscope reading  by Yuko Takenaka


Where: HOUSE1891   240-0111 1891Isshiki Hayama-machi,Miura-gun


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