"krama"exhibition (Gallery Fu -Oiso)

"krama"knyong's krama are introdroduced and sold in this exhibition.

12th(thu)〜23th(mon)April 2018
12:00~18:00  close:thursday

Gallery Fu    
2-17-8 ko-rai oiso-machi kanagawa-pref  #255-0001 

"5days 5hours on April 2018" (HOUSE1891 -Hayama)

We open our space "HOUSE 1891" on this April.1891 cafe will open at the sametime.


"krama"knyong: Cambodian krama and Cambodian tools & baskets.

1st(sun)~5th(thu) April 2018   12:00~17:00

"Cambodian Almighty scarf,KRAMA"exhibition (Kankeimaru Labo - Ishinomaki-city,Miyagi)

"krama"knyong's krama are introduced and sold in this exhibition.2018SS newly krama will be there.
9th(fri)~ 11th(sun) March 2018    10:00~18:00  Close:Tuesday

■Wakana Morita in gallery/ 9th,10th,11th

Kankeimaru Labo
2-3-14chu-ou Ishinomaki-city Miyagi-pref #986-0822

5days 5hours March 2018" (HOUSE1891 -Hayama)

We open our space "HOUSE 1891" on this March.2018 newly krama wll be there.We held Hinmeri-gathering on 3rd.


"krama"knyong: Cambodian krama and Cambodian tools & baskets.

1st(thu)~5th(mon) March 2018   12:00~17:00

"Online shop Sale!" ("krama"knyong website)

We held online shop limited SALE!! All items 20%off .

When:  2/4 sun 0:00 ~  2/18  sun 24:00


Online Shop URL

"5days 5hours on February 2018" (HOUSE 1891 -Hayama)

We open our space "HOUSE 1891" on this February.It will be first atelier open on 2018.

* January is closed.


"krama"knyong: Cambodian krama and Cambodian tools & baskets.

1st(thu)~5th(mon) February 2018   12:00~17:00

"Colorful winter collection" (UmedaHankyu Dpt.6F -Osaka)

"Colorful winter collection" (UmedaHankyu Dpt.6F -Osaka)

"krama"knong's krama take part in this collaborated exhibition.


When :  213th(wed)〜19th(tue) December 2017

Sun〜Thu 10:00~20:00 /Fri、Sat 10:00~21:00  /22th(tue)~17:00

Where :  Hankyu Umeda department store(Osaka)
530-8350   8−7Tsunodacho kita-ku Osaka  tel.06-6361-1381

"Winter Closet exhibition" (Gallery Fuu -Oiso)

"krama"knyong's krama are take part in this collaborated exhibition.


1st(fri)-28th(thu) December 2017

12:00-18:00   Close:Wednesday


Gallery Fuu

255-0001 2-17-48 Kourai Oiso-machi,nakagun,kanagawa



"5days 5hours on Dec 1891Cafe +table"H" (HOUSE1891 -Hayama)

We serve Winter special sweets by Hiromi Matsui-table"H". 

Drinks : Wild plants tea from Yakushima,Cambodian Coffee, Rose Drink.

"krama"knyong: Cambodian krama and Cambodian tools & baskets.

1st(fri)~5th(tue) December 2017   12:00~17:00



1891Isshiki Hayama-machi Miura-gun Kanagawa #240-0111

"Cambodian Almighty scarf,KRAMA"exhibition (ONOAIDA661 - Yakushima)

"karma"knyon's Krama in Sado Island in this October.

More than 200pcs of krama and Cambodian baskets and tools, food will be there. 


17th(fri)-19th(sunday) November 2017 10:00~16:00

■Krama WS

18th(sat) November 14:00~15::00  by Wakana Morita /Charge free.

■3days 661Cafe by Momo,Miki,Kaori

■Live by Kaori's kirtan,Yoshitake Miyata's Leirer

■Accesory by Hari


Where : ONOAIDA661 (Yakushima -Kagoshima)

661 ONOAIDA,Yakushima-dhou,Kumage-gun,Kagoshima #891-4404 Japan
tel.  080-3380-3007  Kaori Makino