"krama"knyong's  krama  are sold as POP UP STORE at PLAIN PEOPLE.

WAKANA Morita in store 

20th 10:00-15:00 / 22th 13:00-17:00 /23th 13:00-17:00


20th(thu)〜26th(wed)June 10:00-21:00

PLAIN PEOPLE Tamagawa Takashimaya S・C Main Bldg.2F
3-17-1 Tamagawa Setagaya-ku Tokyo 158-0094 Japan

"Early summer works by three artists -aoao dress/asatte/emi kubota- exhibition " (HOUSE 1891 -Hayama)

5days 5hours on June special event

1st(sat)〜5th(wed) June 2019  11:00~17:00 (4th,5th12:00~)


At HOUSE 1891,we hold ""Early summer works by three artists -aoao dress/asatte/emi kubota- exhibition"  which displays and sells their works for early summer coordinate.

1891Cafe open everyday,daily vegetarian lunch,drink,sweets will be available.



◎aoao dress  -Michiko Aose- dress
instagram yms.aose

In store =6/1.2.3、4.5(12:00-14:00)

◎asatte -Asako Haneda -accessory

In store =6/

◎emi kubota -Emiko Kubota -Hut
In store =6/1.2.5


1891 Isshiki hayama-machi miura-gun #240-0111 

"krama"knyong exhibition ( TSUTAYA Ebetsu-city,Hokkaido)

"krama"knyong's new and basic krama  and Cambodian baskets are introduced and sold in this exhibition.


1st(wed)〜16th(sun) June2019


TSUTAYA-Ebetsu  OPEN 8:00〜23:00

14−1 Makiba-cho,Ebetsu-city,Hokkaido,#067-0005   011-375-6688

"Cambodian foods and tools exhibition vol.2" (HOUSE1891, Hayam,Kanagawa)

27th Hayam Art Festival./5days 5hours special event

1st(wed)〜5th(sun)May 2019  11:00~17:00


At HOUSE 1891,we hold ""Cambodian foods and tools exhibition vol.2" which displays and sells attractive foods and goods from Cambodia.

Cambodian cafe open everyday,daily CAmbodian lunch,drink,snack will be available.

Special collaboration : "KOH-san no uchi from Matsumoto-city,Nagano)


[ event ]

□ Cambodian cafe : Special Lunch Drink Alcohol,snacks.


□ Daily reading session by special therapist    

    5/1 Yuko Takenaka,

    5/2 Aipom

    5/3 Sakurako

    5/4 Aipom

    5/5 Miwako Tao

HOUSE1891  :address 1891 Isshiki hayama-machi miura-gun #240-0111 

"krama for living life exhibition" (364 -Nishiogikubo)

"krama"knyong's new and basic krama are introduced and sold in this exhibition.

Wakana Morita in Store sometime.


13th(sat)〜21th(sun) April 2019

12:00~19:00  Close : Tuesday,Wednesday


364(san roku yon)


3-13-16 Nishipgikkita Suginami-ku Tokyo 167-0042 

5days 5hours on April+Arita-yaki WS Arita-yaki WS (HOUSE1891 -Hayama Isshiki)

We open our space "HOUSE 1891" on this March. At the same time we hold Arita-yaki workshop on 1st,2nd.


"krama"knyong: Cambodian krama and Cambodian tools & baskets.

1st(mon)~5th(fri) April 2019   12:00~17:00



1891 Ishhiki Hayama-machi Miura-gun Kanagawa-pref #240-0111


"krama for daily life"exhibition (Gallery Fu -Oiso)

250pcs of "krama"knyong's krama are introdroduced and sold in this exhibition.

28th(thu)March〜8th(mon)April 2019
12:00~18:00  close:Wednesday

Gallery Fu    
2-17-8 ko-rai oiso-machi kanagawa-pref  #255-0001 

T&M Bread Delivery in Hayama Bread, Coffee & Wine" (HOUSE1891 -Hayama)

T&M Bread Delivery Bread ,Deli,Coffee and Wine


23rd,24th March 2019    11:00-17:00

◎Bread ,Applepie, & Deli
T&M Bread Delivery Sado Island :
◎Bio-Wine  Pour Vous :
◎Deli Okatte-sun! (23rd):instagram okattesun


event  :

"krama" knyong's Krama exhibition" (steam. by tamao yuge -Osaka)

"krama"knyong's krama and Cambodian baskets and tools are introdroduced and sold in this exhibition.

Wakana Morita in store all the day.

8th(fri)〜11th(mon) May 2019  11:00~18:00  


steam. by tamao yuge  
6Fdaihgo building Odori-nishi tyuo-ku Sapporo city
#530-0038 3-3 Koubai-chou Kita-ku Osaka city


"Online shop Spring campaign"("krama"knyong Online shop)

End of Feb-March  2019
"krama"knyong''s krama are newly updated on online shop.We are holding spring campaign now!

If you purchase over 5000 yen (tax included), you will get Cambodian coffee(30g)!


Online Shop URL